Who’s Who

The characters in my blog are real people but the names have been changed to protect…me. 🙂

  • There is, of course, me
  • The About Me page covers me.

  • My oldest daughter (late teens): Amélie
  • She’s brilliant. But useless.

  • My middle daughter (teenager): Brigitte
  • She may be the sweetest person on the planet. Really.

  • My youngest daughter (teenager): Charlotte
  • She’s a newly-bred teen. Still developing. I hope.

  • My girlfriend: Lillian
  • She’s lovely! She’s sensible and rational. She’s caring and pretty. And so on. Shall I bore you with more?

  • My girlfriend’s daughter (teenager): Harriet
  • She reminds me of a girl version of me when I was her age. Poor her.

  • My girlfriend’s dogs (‘Labradorks’): Barry and Harry
  • OMG.

  • My ex-wife (divorce not final): Danielle
  • I thought she was a nice person and I try not to disparage her.

There are other people that I will introduce as needed. I may even remember to update this page. Maybe.

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