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Would you like to come to my Pity Party (Part 1 of 2) ?

This is two-part tale intended to glean lots of pity and support. No hidden agenda, no complications, just some whining and complaining. In this first part, I am avoiding my current woes and talking about past ones. NONE of the … Continue reading

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Communications Overload

When we joke about information overload and how it’s a modern world, I’m not sure everyone appreciates just how pervasive technology has become for communications. For example, this is how I communicate with various relatives and friends (in no particular … Continue reading


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Penpals (1998-1999)

In early 1998, my marriage was on the rocks and we separated. For now, the details aren’t important. It might be a long post for another day. I was consulting around the USA, flying out of Dallas for the whole … Continue reading

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What’s Next? (Old Draft)

(I wrote this as a Note on my phone when I was in England with Brigitte and Charlotte in July. Here it is now, slightly unfinished, and still slightly relevant.) As the train meanders through the English Surrey countryside to … Continue reading

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