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My superpowers

I wrote a post last year that covered a few things, including the end of a seaside vacation I took with Brigitte and Charlotte. As I’d like to be able to cross-reference my superpowers in other blog posts, I’ve decided … Continue reading

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It’s summer!

It’s been a long time since I posted anything significant. I have a number of draft posts that remain unfinished and unpublished. I’ve been very busy and not had time to write them to my satisfaction. They cover some of … Continue reading

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A new page to formalize the names

As part of bringing material across from the new blog, I decided the “Who’s Who” is useful: Who’s Who This is a new page, up there with “About Me” The humiliating thing is that I can’t remember exactly what blog … Continue reading

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Do you want some time with that?

There was a time when I had some. (Note: For the images, you may need to click on them to see the details.) This is my personal calendar for a week from last year: This is my personal calendar for … Continue reading

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