Peek-a-boo! Can anyone find me? (Yet again…again)

Inspired by a fellow blogger, I have (yet again…again) checked out the recent search terms that landed someone on my blog. Here are some:

“thomas murray virgin islands”
“thomas murray virgin islandd” … (7 with this spelling. WTF?)
“thomas murray puerto rico”
(and many variations on this theme)
*** Glad to continue to help you discover that this person is not who he claimed to be.

“thomas murray murder sociopath”
*** So, you’re very concerned apparently. No comment.
(This is not my search, but that of someone else who found my blog.)

“reply to regret email”
*** I thought this was an accident, except that it was used a bunch of times. There were also searches like this:
“responses of regret”
“response of regret”
…and, most poignantly…
“how to reply to a regret email”
*** If you’ve received this last one, I’m sorry. It hurts by whatever medium the message is received.

“can separated people use”
“match thanks but no thanks button”
“wink or email man on”
“why do guys not email me on”
“how to respond to a wink by a woman”
(and many variations on similar themes)
*** Even though, I haven’t used at all this year, I’m glad to see there is a lot of interest in (a) being separated and using responsibly before a final legal settlement with your ex, (b) what seems to be a reasonable way to use “winks”, (c) whether or not to initiate or respond to messages [e-mails] via and (d) why it’s reasonable to use the “Thanks But No Thanks” button [or whatever it’s called] rather than ignoring someone who is being politely interested. I don’t care what anyone else tells you, I vote for being polite and respectful, and hoping for nothing less in return while accepting that not everyone agrees with this approach [so be gentle to those who do not].
…and this…
“ how long people wait to email you”
*** That depends on how articulate you are. In your case, as the next ice age approaches, potential partners might be less fussy. Especially if you live somewhere hot.
…and this…
“how to replay to a wink on”
*** Use better Englishes. Duh.
…and this…
“win or loose in seperation”
*** In your case, loose. I will be really embarrassed if my blog has a misspelling like this I haven’t noticed.
…and this…
“ho long does it take on”
*** I don’t think I’m being called a ‘ho’?
…and this…
“ she winked at me now what”
How about sending her a message/e-mail? After all, if you simply wink back, does that achieve anything other than show her you are a teensy bit lazy?

“why did i fail at speed dating”
*** Whomever you are, you didn’t. You didn’t succeed perhaps. But that’s not the same thing. If you meet 16 people at an event like this, you don’t have a high chance of success, you just have a chance of success. Not winning a date could mean you’re picky and didn’t select someone who was interested in you, or you didn’t seem a good match to people at the event. Better luck next time, and “luck” is the operative word when it comes to chance meetings. Oh, and be sure to clean your teeth next time. Just in case. And shave. If you’re a guy. If you are a gal and need to shave (your moustache), then do a really good job of it.

“dad fuck his young daughter”
*** This is horrible. Hopefully, you found this is mostly an adult-oriented blog but not an ‘adult’ blog, and definitely not a peverted one. I hope you’re not looking for like-minded individuals because you’re definitely in the wrong blog. Why don’t you do society a favor and try a search like that on this link, where you’ll find helpful people who want to chat to you.

“is instant chemistry indicator relationship”
*** Setting aside the poor English, this is interesting. Does instant chemistry provide any guide at all to the potential for a relationship? I’ve argued that chemistry doesn’t have to be instant; latent chemistry is equally powerful. Others have argued against me and said that if they don’t feel ‘it’ right away, a relationship has no chance. Is the converse true at all?

*** Okie dokie then. It’s easier to find my blog than I expected. I wonder who has the rights to the word “decreasing”. It seems I have the more optimistic word. Yay me!

“parenting woes funny”
“parenting woes”
*** You definitely found the right blog.


About Single Dad

I married young. Now, after more than 20 years of marriage, 3 wonderful daughters, and many ups and downs, my wife has decided the marriage is over. The "About Me" and "My Background" pages on my blog have more details.
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4 Responses to Peek-a-boo! Can anyone find me? (Yet again…again)

  1. Off the Wall says:

    Nice to see you again!!!!!

  2. I’ve never looked up the search terms for my blog. Maybe I’ll check it out.

    – K.

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