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Do you want some time with that?

There was a time when I had some. (Note: For the images, you may need to click on them to see the details.) This is my personal calendar for a week from last year: This is my personal calendar for … Continue reading

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Thomas Murray (Virgin Islands) – BEWARE

I now know of multiple women who he has arranged to meet in Puerto Rico…so they won’t see him at home with his wife. I also know of MANY women that he has tried successfully and unsuccessfully to chat up … Continue reading

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Do you want some fur with that?

Note: This was originally published on my ‘new’, no defunct, blog. It is, therefore, out-of-date. But I hope you enjoy it anyway… ============================= I’m dating. Yay me!! You know in the movies how you find that special someone and they’re *everything* … Continue reading


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