This isn’t a soap opera (A follow-up)

First, thank you very much to the people who took the time to respond via e-mail or my About Me page. I was touched and haven’t replied only because I’m not sure what to say. I like writing but refuse to have my obstinate daughter reviewing or viewing my posts. I will not set up a private blog and cut off people like me who sometimes drift from blog to blog to see what’s out there. It’s got to be public or it’s not ‘right’ (in my mind).

I may set up a brand-new blog and send out invitations to any existing subscribers of this blog. If you follow via RSS or occasional browsing, you’ll only get an invite if you change to an ordinary subscriber. If I do that, I cannot ever let any current follower make a comment on my blog because my obstinate but clever daughter will use that to find my new blog. This might quite reasonably dissuade you from following me. I’m sorry, but feel free to blame obstinate but clever but intrusive Amélie for that. If I do set up a new blog, I will go for a slightly different theme since my life has moved into a new phase and I have different things I can write about.

I will mark one or more past posts as Public again. I think the one on teenage depression deserves public exposure because it serves a useful purpose for others; I was lucky not to lose a lovely daughter. Perhaps the one with a reference to post-partum depression deserves the same exposure for its value outside of my own circle.

If you want to email me for any reason and don’t already have my e-mail address, send something to this e-mail address and it will be redirected to mine:
From my normal e-mail address, I will respond to you. Eventually. Life is still very busy with children and hospitals, doctors, brain MRIs, and so on. Please don’t confuse my tardy responses with anything other than overload at home.

On an unrelated note, I read most posts on my iPhone. Just as an FYI to those of you who only send out a summary of each blog post, I say “Huh?” and point out that I get e-mails like this:

It’s not personal, It’s just business…right?

I’ve noticed that some people feel so low about themselves that they put other people down, I am sure we all know at least one person like that. Whether they are the one who makes fun of fat people because they were told once that they could afford to lose a few pounds by an […]

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— or —

Who’d have thought!

Who’d have thought when I started this blog back in 2010 that almost 2 years on I’d be writing about all this stuff and pontificating on!!! Well the great thing about this blog is it continues to grow! Here I can test out my theories and get feedback and views and so learn! I’ve gained […]

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I can’t speak for other people but I don’t always have an Internet connection or want to open up a new page on my browser, so I skip past most of these posts. Which is a shame because they’re actually worth reading.

It’s worth considering going to the Dashboard, selecting “Settings” and “Reading” and look at the value of “For each article in a feed, show” to see if you’re ‘guilty’. If it says, “Summary” instead of “Full text” you’re saving me about 1/4 second in downloading the e-mail of the post and making sure I don’t read it at all 75% of the time. Hmmm…


About Single Dad

I married young. Now, after more than 20 years of marriage, 3 wonderful daughters, and many ups and downs, my wife has decided the marriage is over. The "About Me" and "My Background" pages on my blog have more details.
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9 Responses to This isn’t a soap opera (A follow-up)

  1. SD, Just FYI, there is a good reason that lots of bloggers use teaser summaries in their email notifications. If you choose full text, those readers are not counted in your site stats, which is why a lot of us don’t use full text for emails. Only readers who take the time to visit the website are included in the site stats, and if you’re tracking your stats for more than curiosity, that can be important….

  2. Lady E says:

    SD, I totally agree with you on the use of teaser summaries. They do my nut, and most of the time, I end up not reading the posts. And I really fail to see I why any of the blogs I subscribe to would need to have the exact count of their views…
    On the rest, you already know what I think, and the fact that I wish you and Lisette all the best. She does sound like a keeper, and I look forward to catching up with you whenever we get a chance to make our schedules coincide (hopefully within the next 6 months 😉 ).

  3. Lost in France says:

    Good to see you have not just dropped off the face of the earth.

  4. Lost in France says:

    I use my iphone a lot, but use the iphone wordpress app to read the blogs, rather than getting them emailed

  5. Caroline says:

    OOPs! As you’ve quoted one of my posts I feel chastened. I’ve changed my settings!!

    And I’m one of those who is fascinated by the stats (call me sad!! It’s part of being me!)

  6. 1smiles says:

    So glad to see you’re sticking through this.

  7. TikkTok says:

    That’s one of my deals, too. I think you get counted if you susbscribe anyhow, so to have a hit (for me personally,) it’s not necessarily necessary…. but that’s just me.

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