Parenting Woes – Take #2763

My kids all have a good sense of humor. Sometimes I get a little worried by this. Sometimes more than a little worried.

For example, we might be watching a TV show or movie together. Someone tells a subtle dirty/filty joke. And one or all of my girls laugh hysterically. WTF? How did they know it was funny?

On Tuesday, I came home from work and Brigitte told me to sit down. She said it was important. Uh-oh.

She said she might be pregnant. What?!!!

She said she hadn’t had her period since last year. Pause.

Then she started laughing. Then it dawned on me.

Grrr. I’m still looking for volunteers to have them. I’ll pay shipping. One way.


About Single Dad

I married young. Now, after more than 20 years of marriage, 3 wonderful daughters, and many ups and downs, my wife has decided the marriage is over. The "About Me" and "My Background" pages on my blog have more details.
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17 Responses to Parenting Woes – Take #2763

  1. kimberly says:

    i really did “LOL” at your WTF. they’ll need a sense of humor to get through life–you’re doing something right ; )

  2. Oh Daaaaaaads……. Time to flip the switch from little girl mode…. Tease them back and watch this new found relationship blossom! I love my teens for this very reason!!!

    • *Sometimes* I can do this and tease them back. Except — and you have to think this through — then *they* escalate further. They’re old enough now to not let me Eventually I run away with my ears bleeding… 🙂

      OK, so I’m lying a little, sometimes I ‘win’ in the teasing competitions. “Ewww, Daadddy!!” is not an uncommon phrase in my house.

  3. emdashwood says:

    Hilarious! Rest assured, your girls feel comfy with you if they’re able to laugh at dirty innuendos in your presence and make pregnancy jokes at your expense – this is a good sign, most definitely! I agree with The Edmonton Tourist – tease them back, but not too much… 80% of the time they’ll love it, 20% of the time they’ll hate it, but hey, young girls (I would say all, but, I’m sure there have been a handful over the course of history who have grown out of it) are hormonal and emotional, so an 80% / 20% split is pretty darn good overall 🙂

  4. Love it! Those girls are so damn awesome! Keep up the amazing work SD –

    • I think they’re awesome most of the time. They don’t drink or do drugs. They’re respectable in many ways. I wish I could accept lots of credit for it, but my runaway wife was definitely a good influence in the past.

  5. I have four teens and a 12 year old….my husband and I are soooo outnumbered lol

    • Hi QoZ,
      Love your riding photos!
      So, let’s see: 5:2 versus 3:1 (assuming they don’t have friends over) … Nope, I’m still in bigger trouble than you are! Good effort though.. 🙂

  6. backonmyown says:

    Hahahahaha. Brigitte is good.

    I loved teaching teenagers. I miss them. Fortunately I have a number of teenage granddaughters to entertain me.

  7. Robin says:

    I swear that the main reason I taught school for 15 years was that I laughed really hard at least once a day – at something that I should NOT have found funny, or that they may have actually not intended to be funny – I do miss that, although college students can also be just as accidentally hilarious.

    For your own piece of mind, I think that you must accept that even your youngest is fully aware of the details of all things associated with sex – she may be totally yucked out, but she still knows. Students are engaging in activities in 6th grade (in all neighborhoods and types of schools) that I had never heard of until I was in college – and some that I admit I had never heard of until my first year of teaching high school, when students, in the odd moment, would talk about their weekend activities. After having a 17 year old explain a phrase that my blank face indicated clearly that I didn’t understand (and that I still wish was not in my head now), I tried to look things up on my own. Students understood that they could talk to me about anything, but if they did or if they were just talking in front of me, once I understood what they were talking about, they knew that I would make a decision about whether a referral to the counselor or nurse was needed. My daughter’s response to any sense of shock on my part was “Oh, Mom!”, like she couldn’t believe I was so naive 🙂 Good luck – you really are outnumbered!

  8. Caroline says:

    I wish I could have seen your reaction!!! LOL


  9. Isobel says:

    That is AWESOME! I tease my handsome half that he could be a grandfather in 10yrs, and he says “that’s fine” Until I go into details of her finding love and dating around…and then he goes “aw crap, they could end up with a guy like me!” LOL Your daughters are older than his, but I hope he keeps his relationship steady with them as you have with yours. A Father-Daughter Bond is incredibly sacred. (I’m jealous!)

  10. TikkTok says:

    That’s great! Ya, we did that, too, except it was more on the order of “I haven’t gone to the bathroom all year,” “We haven’t gotten any eggs all year- what’s wrong with those chickens!” and numerous other examples.

    Obviously, you are doing a great job! We’re on the cusp of having our first teenage girl (although to look at her, you wouldn’t know) tomorrow and conversations in the last week have ranged from bras to the definition of “skanky ho…….” Yep. Definitely getting interesting. *sigh* 😆

  11. Haha I think I like your daughter’s humor!!

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