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Do you want me? No? How about you?

** I wrote most of this in December, but got distracted and didn’t finish it until now ** Dating. One word, but a big topic. It’s tied up in pleasantries and conversation, intimacy and chemistry, compatibility and subtleties. I’m not … Continue reading


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Post-Partum ‘Fun’

Today I was reading about a fellow blogger who has just had a baby and is back at home. I’ve been there and done that. Three times. Each one different and fun in its own way. I thought I’d take … Continue reading

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Sad Reminders

As part of looking ahead at my calendar (something I haven’t done for a few weeks), I came across these two Recurring reminders in the future: Anniversary in two weeks Call Dad: Birthday tomorrow OK then…I won’t have to worry … Continue reading

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Parenting Woes – Take #3108

Hi, I’m Separated Dad, or “SD” to most of you. I imagine that by now I’m a fading memory, it’s been so long since I posted. You can tell from from the title of this post that I haven’t been … Continue reading

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