My daughter, the match-maker

There are a few players in this endearing comedy and some need new blog names using my ongoing French theme:
– Me
– My troublesome sweet little girl, Charlotte
– Two of Charlotte’s friends:
— One hosted a sleepover…Hyacinthe
— One was the second guest…Hermine
– The parents and owners of the house…Gustave and Germaine
– The mom of the other friend/guest…Lillian

A couple of weeks ago, I was picking up Charlotte from a sleepover. It was a slow start to that Sunday morning and it was a T-shirt and jeans pick-up rather than a shaved, showered, and caffeinated pick-up.

Her friend’s parents had recently completed an extension to their house. Gustave and Germaine and I were looking around the extension and talking about the new kitchen while my daughter was packing up her stuff. Naturally Charlotte was already supposed to be packed up before I arrived at the annointed pick-up time. But deadlines don’t matter to my teenagers, unless it’s me taking them somewhere. Then the whining resembles that of a truck going down a hill in low gear. But I digress.

Charlotte’s friend had also had another friend over for the sleepover.

The mom of the other girl arrived while I was admiring the new kitchen. Lillian joined in the conversation about the value of two ovens (which Germaine and Gustave now have) versus two microwaves (which I have).

Lillian left her her key fob on the kitchen counter and I saw that she drove the same make of car I used to drive (before I had to swap my nice car for the mini-van so I could be a ‘soccer dad’ a.k.a. part-time limo driver to teens). Lillian and I teamed up against Gustave in a gentle pros and cons discussion of this make of car versus the Infiniti that Gustave drove. Gustave was defending his decision to buy an Infiniti even though the key factor in his purchase was that his company had a deal with Infiniti that granted the employees a big discount.

After I returned home, I decided not to delay any longer and started putting up the Xmas lights. I was up the ladder stringing the lights when Charlotte came outside, phone in hand. “What do you think of Hermine’s mom?” she asked. Analyzing all of the possible safe answers, I responded with: “Why?”

As open as ever, Charlotte said that she and Hermine had noticed us talking. “I see,” I said. “Give me your phone.”

Lillian is single. Divorced. I don’t know for how long. But I found this out because, in a total of about 10 text messages, the two girls had gone from noticing that Lillian and I had been talking, to Lillian and I having apparently shared a ‘moment’, to Lillian and I going out on dates, all the way to Lillian and I getting married and the two of them becoming step-sisters. What?!

When I put Charlotte off by pointing out that I didn’t know anything about Lillian and she was getting a ‘little’ ahead of herself, she demurred and went inside.

A few minutes later, my phone beeped. It was a text message from Charlotte.

Charlotte had talked to her friend, Hermine. Hermine had talked to her mom. The text message told me that Hermine’s mom had said it was OK for me to ask her out. It included Lillian’s phone number.

“Charlotte! Come here!” I said at a gentle volume that had other girls named Charlotte in a two-block radius popping their head outside to see what I wanted.

“Yes Daddy?” said Charlotte. Sweetly. And happy. And expectant.

I saw her expression and gave her the kind of exasperated “Fine” she gives me at least a few times each day.

A half-hour later, I was still stringing up the lights and got another text message. “Well?” Charlotte wanted to know. OMG!

Charlotte has the kind of persistence that will take her a long way in this world if she puts her mind to something. What will happen with this particular lady is unknown at this time. I have not been out with her although we did chat once on the phone, laughing (slightly manically) about our kids and what we planned to do them later that day. Much of the discussion involved ancient forms of torture that may not be legal anymore.


About Single Dad

I married young. Now, after more than 20 years of marriage, 3 wonderful daughters, and many ups and downs, my wife has decided the marriage is over. The "About Me" and "My Background" pages on my blog have more details.
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24 Responses to My daughter, the match-maker

  1. Caroline says:

    Nothing ventured,,,,,,,,, nothing gained!

    I shall say no more but I’m going to watch your blog like a hawk and will be expecting updates…..!!!!

    come on this is INTERESTING!!

  2. backonmyown says:

    That’s kinda sweet you know. Sweet Charlotte wants her dad to be happy. Let us know what happens.

  3. I think it’s great that Charlotte wants you to be happy. :-). And she apparently has good taste in the women she picks for you, which is more than some of my friends can say of their children’s match-making abilities. 😉

    Have fun. For where you’re at right now, that all it’s about. 🙂

    • I was enchanted by her and her friend’s leap of faith on my behalf! At least they didn’t try to hook me up with someone completely unsuitable! But let the record show that I haven’t actually formally forgiven the two of them yet!

  4. It would appear that your daughters want you married, or at least dating, sooner rather than later. Although Charlotte has coordinated efforts with her friend, she has apparently not consulted her sister. 🙂 The good news is I think those cheap chapels in Vegas are open 24 hours! 🙂

    Hope you had a good Christmas!

  5. kimberly says:

    i have had slightly the same type of experience. my middle child calls to me while i walk past her at a social function: “mom, can he be my step-dad?” (gesturing to the respectable gentleman who had worked at her summer camp and who was standing beside her). i beg off an answer and start to walk away but she calls me again: “mom” .. i turn with dread.. (taking his arm and slightly lifting it) “but he’s SO strong.” ….i’m sure his jaw was on the floor at that point but i don’t remember as i had blacked out from embarrassment.

    • Arrggh! Your experience was waaayyy more embarrassing than mine! Poor you!

    • MyDatingRx says:

      Kimberly, as horrifying as your story sounds I WISH my sons acted like they wanted me to meet someone. This must be an exclusively daughter thing to do. All three of my boys AND the dog seem to be in full-on protection mode. They are more likely to send me away to live in an ashram in silent meditation than they are to suggest that I meet someone.

      • MDP,

        You might be right. My sample size is two now. My neighbor is a widow and her sons want her to avoid all close contact with males!

        She’s been going out with her guy for a couple of years but he’s never stayed over as a result. I told her to tell her son *everything* she and her boyfriend do together. After her son’s ears stop bleeding, he’d never complain again. 🙂 don’t know if she’s taken me up on this idea or not yet…

  6. Lost in France says:

    It is great to read this.
    And truely made me smile. It is so sweet that daughter wants you in a relationship and the pair of them have mapped the whole thing out for you. Probably even chosen their bridesmaid dresses.
    Looking forward to updates.

    • The thing is, I said “Fine” just because I could see the expectation on Charlotte’s face. That hope that she had done something amazing. That’s why I agreed to call Lillian. How could I ignore her and say no? *sigh*

  7. TikkTok says:

    Heh- does this get you out of the speed dating? 😉

    • So many women, so little time… 🙂

      Since I’m not attached and since it sounds like it might be a lot of fun, I still plan to go to the Speed Dating thing. It’s not like I expect to come back with a fistful of contacts — more likely, I’ll be the filler that makes the hot guys look better!

  8. Aww…What a cute story! I think it’s sweet! Give it a chance…. who knows what could happen 🙂

  9. ღ Amy... says:

    ::snickering:: This makes me laugh. WELCOME to my world!!! LOL

    Wishing you a happy and prosperous (in the lady department teeheehee) 2012 SD!!

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