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Playing Mom and Dad

I want to start by saying that I love my family role. I would prefer to share it with someone else rather than do it alone, but that’s a longer discussion for my next post. Just for kicks, and because … Continue reading

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Breakfast in bed & miscellany

Today is a good day for passing on some pictures I’ve found or taken recently. We all need a smile every day… My little angels made this for me yesterday morning (Thanks EJ!): Perhaps I need to get a T-shirt … Continue reading

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Speed Dating… FAIL

I got a fair amount of encouragement to go Speed Dating from this last post. So my oath to you all is to do it and blog about it, whether I end up with a forlorn and empty sheet at … Continue reading

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Why Iā€™m A Complete Moron, Reason #472

I was inspired to add this short post after reading this post from Grey Goose today. In fact, I have stolen her title verbatim (sssh!). When I was living in a small mountainous country in middle Europe (I no longer … Continue reading

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