Sometimes I write brief comments on other people’s posts. Sometimes I get absorbed and babble on for a long time. You know which kind of comment(s) I’m talking about today!

I found this interesting post: Real Love is Messy.

The discussion continues. Feel free to stop by and add or contradict…


About Single Dad

I married young. Now, after more than 20 years of marriage, 3 wonderful daughters, and many ups and downs, my wife has decided the marriage is over. The "About Me" and "My Background" pages on my blog have more details.
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9 Responses to Persistence

  1. RE your comments on Oh my gosh Sean…I could have written many of the same things about X and me…and strengths (specifically persistence). X can be a bit of a hot-head…but it only came out infrequently. (I found out later she would seethe internally while she built her case against things)
    But…the good stuff was so good, and I had such faith in us…that nothing was worth leaving over.

    • SD, I have often thought that is it the small gestures of near- or complete-strangers that have carried me through when I am saddest. Thank you for the kind words and the mention on your blog. You can’t possibly know how much that little bit of support has helped.


      • Hi TPG,

        I’m glad to have helped. I have received so much support from everyone, consider it a “Pay It Forward” moment…

        I see it generated a LOT of comments, so that’s a good thing. I love it when everyone gets involved in a discussion, especially as they’re always cordial and respectful.

  2. Oh, and one more thing: I think the technology gods are determined that I not be allowed to follow your blog! I know that you never got the email I sent, and now I’ve realized that I didn’t get notification of any of your posts, but have discovered them only by stopping by. This, despite the fact that wordpress indicates that I’m following you! Lol….. Oh well, I’ll just continue to stop by. Keep writing, okay? 🙂

  3. The T says:

    My response to her….

    you’re right real love is messy… but it’s not messy all of the time…and in fact some of us elevate it to the deserved ar form it can be…. in the end, it still becomes messy….someone leaves, someone dies, someone gets lost along the way…

    Bhudda’s words: “life is suffrage”

    he is so right….but it has its moments of being amazing…just like love….


    • (Thanks for the cross-post to alert me.)

      Buddha loves the quips with 492 possible meanings, doesn’t he? Should we take away some comment about the value of voting in a democracy? Or the incremental steps we work to succeed at each day? It could go either way… 🙂

      I’ll get back to TPG’s blog and wade in there with more sensible commentary. If I can think of any.

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