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Just in case you thought I had a brain

A few days ago, Charlotte was folding the arms on her glasses to put them away so she could play flute (she uses different glasses for this). The frames broke in the middle, between the two lenses. I booked an … Continue reading

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Men Who Vanish

I was reading this post yesterday about a vanishing man. It prompted me to type up a super-long response (I know, no surprise there!). Women do this too and I just don’t get it. I know it’s hard if there’s … Continue reading

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Penpals (1986-1988)

In 1982, I started working instead of going straight to college (“university” in Australia). In 1985, I quit my job and used my savings to start my college degree. By half-way through 1986, I had run out of money and … Continue reading

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What I Like About You

I only occasionally include songs with a post. Other people do a much better job of matching mood and melody. For today’s post, this song by The Romantics inspired the title and is bouncy enough to listen to while reading … Continue reading

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