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Something to offend everyone…

Note that I didn’t create these. I saw them on someone else’s blog… Females: Males: Something to offend everyone.. 🙂

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Shutdown averted…How could I leave you?

Yes, I know the title is corny. You’re nice, so you’ll forgive me this time. Right? Please? Pretty please? This is just to let you know that I have changed the URL of my blog. As you can see. I … Continue reading

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Shutting up, or switching modes, or hiding in the shadows

Before I begin… Let me welcome a new subscriber, someone who I have discovered a lot of you already know: Thomas. He writes this blog (Morning Wood). I wonder how many of you are innocent enough to not realize what … Continue reading

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Back in North Virginia…where the world is falling apart

I forgot to mention something about my trip out to Australia. If you are also my Facebook friend, you already know because my friend posted a picture of us. There was a 7-hour delay between the 4:30pm arrival of my … Continue reading

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