That was a HURRICANE?

It’s been an interesting week. First, an earthquake. Then a hurricane. What’s next?

Well, maybe nothing. After all, in some respects, neither was very serious. At least not around here.

Sure, we all got a shock when buildings shook during the earthquake. Sure, we got wet if we went outside yesterday or last night. But…was it that bad? Not really.

It seems to be a classic Washington D.C. thing. The more publicity, the bigger the fizzle.

The biggest snowstorms in recent years have been ones that we didn’t notice until they were just about to shut down the region or after they had dumped twice the expected amount of snow. Earlier this year, there was one snowstorm that arrived mid-afternoon and some people in my area took more than 8 HOURS to get home not long after I had traveled the same route in about 25 minutes. (I had the sense to leave a little early to beat the expected rush. Thinking ahead isn’t for everyone apparently.) More often, there’s lots of build-up in the press about the pounding we’re going to get…and we get a sprinkling of snow and wonder what all the fuss was about.

In this case, it was definitely windy and lots and lots of rain fell in the region. But it wasn’t the kind of torrential downpour that we can get here in summer. My 1/2-acre lot slopes right-to-left and sometimes summer rainstorms have so much water flowing across the lawn that the borders overflow. Last night, it was just wet. The wind was strong and gusty and it left a layer of leaves and small branches everywhere. Trees fell on some of the roads and most of the traffic lights were out when I drove around this morning. And the power did go out a few times (other neighbors lost power for most of the night.) Still, not too much to worry about compared with what might have happened.

Fortunately for all, I hear that New York City and the North-East escaped the worst of it too. The hurricane broke down quickly. Let’s hope there’s lots of publicity for the next big storm to change it into another less-serious storm. After all, we don’t want this to show up around here: Typhoon Tip. Or this: Great Hurricane of 1780


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