Here comes the rain

The morning started quietly. All the kids slept in. It was a busy day yesterday.

To avoid the coming storm, I moved my mother’s flight out of town from today to yesterday. The kids came along to see her off and it was a teary farewell as she is now old enough that there is a chance I’ll never see her again. The breast cancer she beat two years ago was a particularly aggressive one and who knows if it’s all gone…

I picked up the papers at the end of the driveway and marveled at how very tranquil it was. No wind. No rain. Overcast but not dull. No hint of the weather on its way north.

The latest forecast is for us to get tropical storm conditions. The hurricane is tracking far enough east we won’t feel the full brunt of it. In effect, it’s just going to be wet and windy. The big questions are whether or not the gusts will be enough to take out the power and whether or not my basement waterproofing will hold up.

We’ve washed and dried everything we can. If we had a dog or cat, it would be all squeaky clean too. Now we settle in and wait.

My schedule is clear since this was originally time set aside for going to BWI airport. (Instead mum left from Washington National, which is much closer and has fewer traffic problems.) With just the four of us in the house for the first time in a month, we can get back to organized bedrooms. We won’t have Maurice making his well-intentioned comments on the extremely obvious. And we won’t have to squeeze around a grandma that always seemed to find just the right place to stand to be in the way. We miss her already…


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I married young. Now, after more than 20 years of marriage, 3 wonderful daughters, and many ups and downs, my wife has decided the marriage is over. The "About Me" and "My Background" pages on my blog have more details.
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12 Responses to Here comes the rain

  1. mysterycoach says:

    Oh my goodness πŸ™‚ It’s started raining here, I’m about a hop, skip and jump from NYC. They sure have issued a state of emergency warning and it’s teasing us I think. It rained very heavily for a while, now it’s trickling. I’m sure it’s just a tease. But it’s not supposed to be bad, I believe until later on tonight. So I’m making soup! πŸ™‚ Did all my errands as well, so… oh, you know that LOL πŸ™‚ Never mind!

  2. Grey skies and windy here, no rain yet. Just a matter of time I guess….

  3. The power went out but came back on again. I got an email from the County that says so far 212K people without power.

    It’s going to keep building until 2am…then it becomes the problem of our bloggers to the north…MC & GG for example.

    Uh-oh, it flickered again… *sigh*

    • Thanks! I just heard there’s 2 million people without power in total in Virgina (population is 8 million). New Jersey is just starting to get the heavy rain; there’s going to be a lot of flooding up there, as well as in New York City. Nine dead so far… 😦

  4. The wind is much more powerful now. The lights went out again for a short while. Surprisingly, they came back on after a few seconds. I think the wind will push down a local tree before the night is out and we’ll probably be without power for a while. We can survive for a while; it’s not too hot or cold, and we’ve planned ahead.
    Good night…

  5. Lady E says:

    I saw on the news that this hurricane was a bad one, and had caused massive damage already. Must have been a long day and night for you all on the East coast. Thinking of you…

  6. mysterycoach says:

    Keep your cell phone charged. Mine are… and of all things, I read this today and I thought, I need toilet paper. of all things, right? Which means, I have to go out and get it. Foo. So far, not hit with full force winds but I’m inside too. So, we’ll see as it gets worse.

    • Hope your power stayed on and you didn’t think of anything else you forgot that was as important as “bathroom tissue” (which is an American term I find rather misleading).

  7. anne says:

    Definitely an adventure. Stay safe all!

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