Earthquake – redux

I was just drifting off to sleep last night when there was another earthquake. Not very strong; it just rumbled the house for 20 seconds or so.

I much prefer being at home than in a downtown building when this happens.

Yesterday was a big day for Charlotte; she had braces. It took longer than planned and I was about to leave for the office when I got am email telling me not to come in as the building had lost power. Yay, working from home is more fun. I guess the shaking broke something…

In other news, Hurricane Irene should arrive Saturday night, but it might lose all its power by beating up North Carolina first (and we have a blogger friend there, so good luck to her). Perhaps here in North Virginia we will just get lots of rain and I can see if my basement waterproofing project worked…


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I married young. Now, after more than 20 years of marriage, 3 wonderful daughters, and many ups and downs, my wife has decided the marriage is over. The "About Me" and "My Background" pages on my blog have more details.
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2 Responses to Earthquake – redux

  1. I think we all slept thru the early morning earthquake, the kids will be disappointed lol Were you living in the area when the last hurricane hit the shore? Crazy, crazy rain….

    • Oh yes, my brother was visiting from Australia when Isobel hit the area. That was a ‘fun’ time with all thwe downed power lines, fallen trees, etc. I hope we don’t have another one of those!

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