Earthquake – the Intimate Perspective

I will get around to replying individually, but a big thank you to all who commented and/or sent e-mails. We have all weathered this storm…er…earthquake without any problems, save for the following horrors:

  • As mentioned yesterday, Amélie was sitting in the rocking chair in the living room and was hit on the head by a book. It didn’t help her at all.
  • Charlotte officially became a teenager this year and the shaking was so bad, it woke her up (Note: time of quake was 1:51pm).

One of my daughters found this funny picture to help us all remember this ‘tragic’ day:

Earthquake - Aug 23, 2011

In other related news…

With now-comic timing, I dropped off my car at the dealership yesterday morning and had to use the Metro (underground railway) to travel between the dealership and work. It had been leaking some transmission fluid on the floor of my garage ever since a recent service. As a result of the Government sending everyone home early (including me) at about the same time (instead of spread out over a number of hours), there were a LOT of people at the Metro stations and on the trains. As in, I had to wait in a very crowded station for multiple trains to stop because there were too many people and not enough room in the trains for all the people to get on. It was a hot day and not everyone prepared properly for the hot weather if you get my drift (if you don’t, I mean they were really smelly). When one train showed up (for a line that was different to the one I needed to use), it was completely empty and everyone literally cheered and clapped!

The thing that really makes this into a funny/ironic/tragic tale is that there was nothing at all wrong with my car. The mechanice doing the service last time let some transmission fluid drip onto a strut (or similar) and pool there. The dripping was the stuff he didn’t clean up last time. So, an entirely pointless trip, coupled with almost an hour in sauna conditions in the Metro station. It’s America…surely I can sue someone?

Now all we have to is wait for Hurricane Irene. (It might be a good time for someone to get those white chairs inside.) The last hurricane — Isobel — that hit the area was a Category 1 by the time it swung our way and took out power everywhere for up to two weeks for some people (a day for us…apparently some impatient and powerful people live nearby). This one might be a Category 3 major hurricane. Uh oh.


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4 Responses to Earthquake – the Intimate Perspective

  1. Lady E says:

    Wow, you do live dangerously don’t you? I am beginning to wonder why anyone would would to live in the USA…Honestly, the only earthquake I’ve ever felt was in England couple of years ago and I just thought a big lorry had been past my house. Keep us posted! xx

    • I don’t *try* to live dangerously!

      In terms of weather, the USA has some of the most extreme weather of anywhere in the populated world and so you ask a legitimate question… 🙂

      Honestly, waiting in the Metro with the hot and whiffy people are worse though…

  2. mysterycoach says:

    I heard about a hurricane this morning but I was getting ready for work and missed the whole thing.

    ROFL! You’re daughter has a good sense of humor 🙂 LOL that’s so cute!

    • I sent the pic to some people at work. My boss sent back one from the National Cathedral. It sustained some significant damage. The Washington Monument is closed indefinitely. More serious than I thought…

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