Adding a Blogroll

What a dilemma.

I have added some widgets to my current blog, but don’t know what to do about the blogroll. I have finally figured out how to add one using Links and Appearance/Widgets (sorry Evie, I should have memorized your instructions so many months ago). For people like me who don’t know WordPress very well, this is a personalized list of my favorite WordPress blogs.

I haven’t figured out how to list my “favorites” without:

  • Listing all of my personal blog subscriptions
  • Offending people who subscribe to my blog and are active in commenting but don’t get included
  • Offending people who read my blog and make comments but aren’t subscribed to it (I discovered at least one of these; I don’t know how many more there are)

There are some obvious inclusions: people who have been ‘here’ from early on and are still active. There are other obvious inclusions: those who have made many comments over time.

What about people who have slipped away over time (What did I do to you? Come back!)…
What about people who have only started commenting recently (Thanks!)…
What about people with their own blogroll who haven’t included me (Hrrmpph!)…

I don’t like offending people deliberately. I prefer to do this entirely by accident as a result of blundering through life. πŸ™‚

What a dilemma.


About Single Dad

I married young. Now, after more than 20 years of marriage, 3 wonderful daughters, and many ups and downs, my wife has decided the marriage is over. The "About Me" and "My Background" pages on my blog have more details.
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7 Responses to Adding a Blogroll

  1. mysterycoach says:

    Eenie, meenie, Minnie MO! Catch a tiger… oh, sorry LOL πŸ™‚ Well, you know, I’ve seen blog rolls and they’re okay. What are they for exactly? Just people we talk to and share stuff with on a regular basis?

  2. Don’t worry about offending anyone, just do what you want, it is your blog, post who you read and who you like, if people are offended they are just being silly… πŸ™‚

  3. everevie says:

    Honestly…I never notice other people’s blogrolls. Add me or not…it wouldn’t bother me. I would stick to ones you actually like…or mean something to you.


  4. I agree with Redneck Princess. I have people on mine that I read and comment on…some more than others. I came to your blog through Lady E. So they are useful in sharing interesting stuff even if it is just commonality. Best to you.

  5. Surrey gal says:

    It’s your blogroll, not birthday present to other blog writers or mission to please them.

  6. Caroline says:

    I’ve just found you through a long route of other blogs. Hi!!!

    I list those blogs on my blogroll I just feel I have a connection with! If I listed all I visit the list would be miles!!

    I shall drop by again.

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