Some Random Things

It’s Friday, Bucket Day, time to throw out all of the trash. So, here are some unrelated and largely irrelevant things from the last few days.

First, I am a consultant and the Big Cheese for the Government organization asked the whole team (including me) to meet in his office for a short chat. First time for everything and there’s always the chance that it might be announcement of something significant. So naturally I go into Worry Mode. Did I spend too much on this blog or on e-mail this last week/month? Should I pack before I go in?

Instead he’s says we’re all wonderful, the best, etc. Yay! He also says that he didn’t have much money for gifts but got us these mouse mats as a token of his sense of humor more than anything else:

Good sense of humor

Good sense of humor

If you think it’s funny, there is a well-written and totally sarcastic web-site that has LOTS of these Demotivational posters (also adorned on other things, like coffee mugs and mouse mats and T-shirts). I have a few on the wall of my office, including the Achievement and Mediocrity posters.

Also, apparently you’re not all done with me yet; I’m going to live for a really really long time (sorry!):
Region ranks well for long lives

And my kids should be pleased too:
District ranks as No. 1 place to raise kids

For the “District” reference, this is one part of the country where everything is hard to measure. The “District” or “Washington” might be the region that consists of:
– District of Columbia
– the parts of “North Virginia” close to the District (Arlington County, City of Alexandria, Fairfax County [which includes about 4 small Cities])
– some of Maryland (Montgomery County and Prince George’s County)

At the whim of the person writing articles or surveying people, it might also include a half-dozen or more other Counties and Cities in Maryland and Virginia. Sometimes “Washingington” just means the District of Columbia. Hence, the population could be 1/2 million, 3 million, or more than 5 million. The ninnies rarely make it clear.

The convergence of the District and parts of two states makes it hard to see how the region fits into the nation. When only the District is included, crime is higher, educational standards for kids are lower, house prices are variable, etc. When the larger region is included, the more affluent and educated Counties around Washington, D.C., improve the results. I myself, before visiting the region, thought that crime was high because of reports of crime in the District. Not where I live! A stolen bike would make the local newspaper!


About Single Dad

I married young. Now, after more than 20 years of marriage, 3 wonderful daughters, and many ups and downs, my wife has decided the marriage is over. The "About Me" and "My Background" pages on my blog have more details.
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4 Responses to Some Random Things

  1. As a Montgomery Country resident and parent I find this very good news 😉

  2. The girl next door says:

    Happy Father’s day. Chin up.

    From everything I’ve read so far about you. Struggling Dad, You are taking the high road. Keep it going.

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