Teamwork and collaboration

I talked my daughter, Amélie, into staying up later than usual and dealing with my daughter, Charlotte, in the morning.

Charlotte has to be up at 4am for a Band concert trip. I plan to be fast asleep. I’m so tired I need the extra sleep right now. One of my neighbors is picking up Charlotte in the morning at 4:30am.

I will be picking up Charlotte and her friend at the end of tonight when they return from their long day trip.

We don’t do everything together as a family, and we can’t support each other all the time, but it is nice when the teamwork succeeds like this.

Time for a trip to Dreamland. Oops, did I forget to switch my alarm on? Oh darn, I might sleep in a little…


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I married young. Now, after more than 20 years of marriage, 3 wonderful daughters, and many ups and downs, my wife has decided the marriage is over. The "About Me" and "My Background" pages on my blog have more details.
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12 Responses to Teamwork and collaboration

  1. Young children require a lot of care but as they get older I’ve found that their activities far outnumber mine on my calendar! Nice to hear about the teamwork; that seems to improve as they get older as well.

    • Hi!

      You’re right. My calendar has far more activities for them than me. From Friday night to Sunday afternoon, picking up and dropping off kids is something I do more than anything other single activity. In fact, if I found a new girlfriend who liked nothing better than driving around with me, we could spend half the weekend “dating” every weekend! 🙂

  2. Grey Goose, Dirty says:

    Yey for not having to wake up at 4am!

  3. I am back to looking for a suitable Category under which to sell Amélie on eBay (I’ve considered this before — see here).

    She managed to look after Charlotte at 4am. This gives her a 50% success rate.

    I woke with a start at 6:10am, noticed the house was very quiet, and got up. Brigitte was still fast asleep — she had slept through her alarm — and Amélie was on her laptop watching a movie and NOT making sure that my other daughter was up and getting ready for school — oops! Way to go, kid! Oh wait, not a kid, an 18-year old “adult”.

    I got Brigitte up and tried to go back to sleep. But I hurt my back a few days ago moving everything around and it’s still uncomfortable, so I couldn’t do it.

    The good news is that I’m doing more hours at work because I get in earlier. The bad news is that I worry a little about falling asleep at my keyboard or in long meetings or while typiong upp bloogg messaggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  4. everevie says:

    Sean! I can see from your above comment that you got to sleep in a little bit…and that the teamwork only went so far. But, baby-steps, huh?

  5. Surrey gal says:

    4 a.m. is an inhumane hour to wake up!!! Band concert must be something really good (what is it??)

    • At schools here in the USA, they have Orchestra and Band. I did a Google search for the differences between orchestra and concert band.

      (There’s Chamber music too, which I have been to listen to at the Smithsonian Institution where they play on original Stradivarius instruments.)

      I was told when I arrived here in this leafy suburb that the local school had one of the best bands in the country. Who cares, I thought, since I preferred string instruments to brass instruments. By chance, since I am musically-impaired, both of my younger girls grew to like band instruments (saxophone and flute). This means they get to participate in competitions all over the place.

      Today, the concert was at a theme park called Busch Gardens with rides and fun things for the kids to do after the competition. But, it’s hours away by bus, so the poor little things had to be up at oh-my-God o’clock in the morning. They arrive back an hour from now and I assume little Charlotte will be t-i-r-e-d!

  6. I think you’d be surprised at what kids/young adults are willing to do for their siblings. Sure, there’ll be problems and sometimes they might wish (probably at the same time) that they were alone. But when help’s really needed, I’m sure they’ll be there for each other.

    I have two brothers who are seven and nine years older than me. It wasn’t always easy growing up with them, but today they are my two favorite people in the whole world. I know that I can always count on them if I need help, just like I’m always there for them. Even though we live in three different countries now, we hardly every go more than one or two days without being in touch.

  7. mysterycoach says:

    I keep thinking how kids have no brains as I read this unless it’s directly related to what they want … I also remember how I was confused all the time by my daughter’s ability to volunteer and do things for teachers at school but when I’d ask her to do something here at the house, she’d roll her eyes, sigh… etc., etc., She’d do it, but not without having some kind of “discussion” first.

    Finally, I went into the school … she had won a prize for being this great person (for which I am VERY proud) and I said to the guy who runs it, My consequences apparently are not enough to get through to her (I’m a bit of a mush and tend to forget just how long I’ve taken something away and stuff … ugh) and I’d like to extend that to consequences at school. I told them, while I love her and I’m very happy that she won this award, I could not figure out who they were talking about because at home, there was always this … “discussion”. To me, I say do something, DO IT …

    Fortunately, they agreed and good behavior lasts about 2 weeks, she steps it up and then I end up back to … how do I say? Seeming bi-polar? Because if I have to repeat myself one more time … 🙂 Granted I created some of it because it’s easier to do some things by myself than have to call her in and show her what I want. What gets to me is when she looks at me like I have a screw loose when I flip and it’s only something I’ve said … oooooh for how many years?

    Congratulations, you have a normal child. LOL!

    • Hi MC,

      In terms of acting, I think my kids could turn professional with the things that they do to avoid helping out sometimes. Homework appears magically, showers are suddenly urgent, stomping good enough for So You Think You Can Dance shakes the floors, and — as you say — there’s the sighing and rolling of shoulders. Unfortunately for them, (a) I remember being their age so it doesn’t work and (b) I have 3 girls so life really sucks for my youngest, Charlotte, because her two older sisters have clued me into the modern work-avoidance techniques and she gets out of nothing.

      I learned the hard way NEVER to say, “I’m not going to say this again…” because they just act relieved knowing my game is over.

      On a related note, I also learned that if they, or anyone, asks you, “Do you think I’m stupid?” it’s actually a trick question and they don’t want the truth… 🙂

      • mysterycoach says:

        ROFL! HAHA Do you think I’m stupud? hahaha!

        I usually blurt out, (when my daughter tells me she thinks I’m bi-polar when I lose it) … “How long do you know me? How long have I been repeating myself and JUST how LONG do you think that I want to keep reminding you of the things that you need to do for the past (ready?) 3-4 years?”

        Oh and the excuses and the “literal” argument the come back with and dare I say when they point out something you didn’t do when you ask them to do something? How on earth did”we” survive child hood? Because I don’t recall giving any “discussions” to my parents. You know they did something too … and they’re very good liars. Denial to the end I tell you… Mine was so smart one time as to use my forgetfulness against me.

        I asked her where something was, she said … “I don’t know, maybe you put it some place else”. Okay, I patiently go through the fridge looking for these wonderful brownies. I’m confused and … I go to throw something in the garbage pail, see the empty brownie zip lock bag… oofff… I was pissed.

        Very ingenious little turds they can be. Don’t get me wrong, I love her but man… they’re crafty as sin. What worries me is the things that they will lie or hide from us parents that really could cause a problem. That’s some scary stuff!

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