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Returning from vacation to the Real World. You know, the one with Sad Stuff.

The girls had a very easy and comfortable drive back from Ocean City. The minivan has a DVD player and so the kids spent some of the time watching a teen movie. I only let them spend some of the … Continue reading

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The partial-family vacation is almost at an end

Saturday evening. Every prior vacation, with one special exception, has been a full-family affair. My wife, me, and all of the girls. Tonight, we are wrapping up the first ‘partial-family’ vacation. My oldest daughter is finishing up her college/university year, … Continue reading

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The partial-family vacation continues

Friday. Our hotel room is 11 floors up, overlooking over the Atlantic ocean. As I sit on the balcony and peck away on the laptop, the small waves crash on the beach with a familiarly insistent sound. Smells can instantly … Continue reading

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For the first time, it’s just me and the girls on vacation

Thursday. Except for one vacation back to England, when my wife took Brigitte and Charlotte to see their sick grandfather, every other vacation until now has been a family affair. The five of us (or more if any of my … Continue reading

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