I have a Guest

French Alps

E has this beautiful view from her flat. Wow.

Hello everyone (yes, the teeming millions that read this blog).

Today, I have a guest. She is another poor soul who thought, “Oh look, my marriage is going down the drain, ow, ow, it hurts, I don’t know what to do with myself, ooh, how about this: Should I just write about it on the h-internet?”… And so I stumbled upon the ravings scribblings of Poor Cow in France (aka E, her initial).

Note: We’ve interviewed each other and you can find the ‘opposing’ interview of me here including a photo of me in New Zealand, although it’s a few years old now.

Good afternoon E!
E: And a good morning to you.

So tell me something useless about you … what did you have for breakfast?
E: Champagne, a couple of frogs’ legs and a cigarette. What else? I am French after all…
SD: Hmm, Champagne. Krug perhaps?

I hear you live in France: Are you cycling around in a stripy T-shirt with a bunch of garlic?
E: Golly Struggling Dad, have you been spying on me? That’s exactly what I did after my Champagne and frog breakfast!

Do you think a blog will help you through your difficulties?
E: It goes like this: Four months ago, I lived in a little land of smug PACSedness (I like that word), then the relationship police barged in, and threw me out into an alien world of Your-spouse-leaves-you-out-of-the-blue. I have found that writing about it, and reading about others going through similar adventures helps. Not as much as vodka, mind…

What about something different — what is your honest opinion about the welfare of caged pheasants?
E: Forget rampant famine in Ethiopia, and nuclear contamination in Northern Japan, this is what we should be worrying about. True story: I once I sat in a meeting where the welfare of caged pheasants was passionately discussed for the best part of an hour.

Let’s challenge you with some hypothetical questions …

I’ve just heard that you’re being thrown out of your country for crimes against cheerfulness. If money were no object, what are 3 other cities you’d consider living in?
E: Right, that’s it, I’m on the phone to Amnesty. Seriously, where else would I live? Maybe Montpellier, or Marseille? I quite like it here in the French Alps…
SD: I’m almost certain that those French locations are in France…the country you were just thrown out of!
E: Yep, very cunning Struggling Dad…I have spent a third of my life in the UK, and found out that I love France and wouldn’t really want to live anywhere else.

Alas, there is a massive oversupply of scientific project managers and communicators but, fortunately, the Government (the one that was throwing you out a minute ago) is offering you free high-speed training for any other career. What are 2 or 3 others you’d consider?
E: When I left the UK to join my now ex-partner in France, I was actually on a free high-speed training scheme to become a senior civil servant. It was well hard to get into the scheme, and well interesting. I would have liked a chance to finish it… 😦

I hear you have a birthday coming up sometime in the next 12 months — lucky you! What would be an ideal breakfast for you on this special day?
E: How do you mean only breakfast? I’d like to be whisked off to some coconut island, where I’d have cocktails on the beach for breakfast, thank you very much. I am beginning to sound like a raving alcoholic, aren’t I? Well, my friends will be sniggering when they read this, because I am really the cheapest date on Earth a complete lightweight who goes to sleep after two glasses of wine…
SD: Don’t feel bad, I drink so little these days that two glasses of anything is enough to floor me too.

Well, dear readers, you can see how important it is to take anything that you read on the Internet seriously.

Poor Cow in France and I will experiment with coordinated blogs on various topics from our different viewpoints. I will grace her readers with my testosterone-laden vision of a family being broken up, and she’ll give you her semi-hysterical female perspective. 🙂

Here is E’s musical choice for today:

About Single Dad

I married young. Now, after more than 20 years of marriage, 3 wonderful daughters, and many ups and downs, my wife has decided the marriage is over. The "About Me" and "My Background" pages on my blog have more details.
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11 Responses to I have a Guest

  1. Grey Goose, Dirty says:

    Haha! You two are great together! I love how you both play off one another (and are full of shit).

    H-O-T picture of you too, btw. Hubba hubba …….. 😉

    • Hey GGD, of course, it’s those long hair-free legs, right? Or the tight butt? Or the ‘come hither’ look as I squint between my legs? (To anyone reading this in isolation, you REALLY need to see the pic on E’s blog to see why this is funny and NOT creepy!)

  2. Surrey gal says:

    Thank you for the interview. I’ll post the same comment on E’s blog.

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  4. No name says:

    Hoorah, we did it! And it was fun, which has to count for something the (bleak) days ;o)

  5. Hi SD. I am visiting your blog after you commented on Life in the Boomer Lane. I separated after 23 years of marriage, divorced six years later. Focus on your daughters and take whatever was good about your relationship with your wife. Learn from the rest. You will (more than) survive. And the blog is such a great way to release and to get comfort.

    • You’re making perfect sense. Thanks very much. After looking at the law, I can see why you might have a big gap between separation and actual divorce. I do like the idea of “more than” surviving, so I hope you’re right about that.

      Thanks again …

  6. everevie says:

    I love this concept!! And I’m so jealous of the breakfast you had Sean. Yum.

    I hope to see more “joint” blogging efforts!

  7. Evie,

    The joint blogging idea came up a few weeks before things came to a head at home. E was quite OK with putting it on the back burner while I sorted myself out. I later asked her if we could go ahead anyway because, after an especially difficult day a few days ago, I have been planning a to write a post titled Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster and wanted to refer back to some of her difficulties a few months ago (as if they’re over just because a little time has passed).

    Soo…the point of this, and I do have one, is that we plan to write some more joint blogs as a follow-up to the introduction. There are a dozen or so themes out there at the moment. All that is needed is free time, inspiration, some additional mental acuity, an emotional ‘up’, sunny days, world peace, and so on. No problem!

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